External lithotripsy (crushing stones)
Kuznetsov Alexander Viktorovich Head of the Urology Department Urologist of the highest category The Urology Department is equipped with modern endourological,
pain when urinating in a child
Baby cries before peeing: possible causes, therapy
The only way for a newborn to communicate with people around him is to cry. Baby cries to express
Can an ovarian cyst resolve on its own?
In the female body, the ovaries are the key organ for fertilization and subsequently the birth of a child. Most
Cystitis in women: symptoms and treatment, what drugs are used?
How to recognize cystitis yourself The prevalence of cystitis can be judged by statistics that say
Yellowish color of sperm: what does it mean?
What pigments give dark color to urine in subhepatic jaundice?
The "Yellow" request is redirected here; see also other meanings. Yellow HEX FFFF00 RGB¹ (, ,
Ripario Hotel Group (Ripario Hotel) Yalta Otradnoe
Sanatoriums of Crimea - treatment of chronic nephritis, vouchers with treatment
Home / Sanatoriums of Crimea - kidney treatment Ripario Hotel Group (Ripario Hotel) Yalta Otradnoe
What to do if a stone moves in the gall bladder
Poor quality food and excessive alcohol consumption lead to the formation of sand and kidney stones. Specialists
How to cope with urinary incontinence after hysterectomy
“Wet” problems of women: how to rid yourself of unpleasant symptoms? Contents: Urinary incontinence in women
normal renal pelvis in a child
Causes of enlarged renal pelvis in the fetus and methods of treatment
Causes of pathology The main reasons for the development of hydronephrosis during pregnancy include the following: Pathological abnormalities in
How to brew beans for type 1 and type 2 diabetes
The benefits of green beans - dietary recipes, calorie content, harm and features of use in the diet (125 photos)
Benefits of Bean Pods White bean pods contain a large amount of high-quality protein, which
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