pain when urinating in a child
Baby cries before peeing: possible causes, therapy
The only way for a newborn to communicate with people around him is to cry. Baby cries to express
Yellowish color of sperm: what does it mean?
What pigments give dark color to urine in subhepatic jaundice?
The "Yellow" request is redirected here; see also other meanings. Yellow HEX FFFF00 RGB¹ (, ,
How to cope with urinary incontinence after hysterectomy
“Wet” problems of women: how to rid yourself of unpleasant symptoms? Contents: Urinary incontinence in women
How to insert a catheter into a man's bladder video
Main purpose Why is a urinary catheter required for women and men? In urology for
Drugs for the treatment of prostate adenoma without surgery
Drugs for the treatment of prostate adenoma without surgery
For the treatment of prostate adenoma without surgery, special drugs have been developed that are used to remove
It hurts to write to a pregnant woman. Burning sensation when urinating in women during pregnancy. Frequent urination in early pregnancy
It is generally accepted that burning when urinating during pregnancy is a natural physiological reaction. As a rule, she
What suppositories help against urinary incontinence in older women?
Cream, suppositories and tablets Ovestin Among the estrogen preparations are cream, tablets, and suppositories Ovestin
LIDOCAINE and NOVOCAINE: which is better and what is the difference (differences in composition, reviews from doctors)
It is difficult to imagine modern medicine without drugs for pain relief, because every day many people turn to
Lemon-colored urine: normal or cause for concern? What does the color of urine indicate? Causes of urine color change.
White urine This condition is caused by two reasons - an increase in the amount of urine and poor performance
rare urination in a child photo
Rare urination in children: causes, symptoms, treatment
Rare urination in a child is a consequence of kidney disease or has an extrarenal origin. Especially formidable
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